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Let us renegotiate your agreements to increase value delivery and EBIT

[We are] "often struck by the ad-hoc approach to vital negotiations taken by otherwise experienced public officials and private executives" - Henry Kissinger

Our Services

Negotiation Advisory

Bespoke strategic and tactical support to help you maximise your negotiations. We negotiate by your side. We will help you plan and prepare your most important negotiations with your team and then support throughout the deal process by preparing, reviewing and improving your negotiators' behavioural execution, on-message performance via all communication channels and negotiation events. 

Negotiation EBIT Generator

We negotiate on your behalf on a white-label basis. We agree on relevant negotiation objectives to achieve and our negotiation team will deliver an improved deal for you, end-to-end, applying our expertise on the field. 

Ignition Workshops

Impact workshops to learn advanced negotiation strategies, framework, tactics, mindset, and behaviours. We employ some of the world's most advanced experiential tools which will allow your teams to learn negotiation, build a common negotiation language within your organisation and yield immediate, tangible ROI. 

We spend most of our time negotiating and dedicate some of our time helping others learn how to negotiate. Hence, we are negotiators, not trainers. 

Everything we share with our clients is what we've learnt at the negotiation table putting our companies, money, investments, and families' livelihoods at stake.

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Negotiators, not Trainers or Academics

Abstract Lines

Industry Agnostic

While we have accumulated vertical expertise across a number of industries such as Oil & Gas, FMCG, Tech, Banking, Asset Management, SaaS, Management Consulting, Pharma, Automotive, Logistics and others but we do not profess ourselves as industry experts - rather, negotiation experts. Our philosophy remains industry agnostic as we bring key negotiation principles to your company while leveraging your in-house expertise to maximise your negotiations.

Abstract Design

Most textbooks and armchair negotiation theorists describe negotiation as an art rather than a science. Our philosophical approach sits squarely in the science domain and we want to do our bit to further advance the scientific understanding of human behaviour. We strive to take data-led, science-driven decisions while negotiating and while devising our support systems. In order to be able to appropriately interpret and act upon all negotiation circumstances, we drive our expertise from the fields of evolutionary biology, behavioural anthropology, neuroscience, psychology, game theory, heuristics, primatology, behavioural ecology, economics, behavioural economics, business strategy, corporate finance and market analysis.  

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