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Books on Negotiation

Here are some of our favourite books on negotiation:

"Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In" by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton.

"Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High" by Al Switzler, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler.

"Negotiation Genius: How to Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Brilliant Results at the Bargaining Table and Beyond" by Deepak Malhotra and Max H. Bazerman.

"The Art of Negotiation: How to Improvise Agreement in a Chaotic World" by Michael Wheeler.

"The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively" by Helio Fred Garcia.

"The Negotiating Fieldbook: Simple Strategies to Help You Negotiate Everything" by Paul Clegg and Peter Donaghy.

"Win-Win Negotiations: Turning Conflict into Agreement" by Fred E. Jandt.

"Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most" by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, and Sheila Heen.

"The Little Book of Conflict Transformation" by John Paul Lederach.

These books provide valuable insights into the negotiation process and offer practical tips and techniques for improving your negotiation skills. Whether you're a seasoned negotiator or just starting out, these books will help you navigate negotiations with greater confidence and effectiveness

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